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    Zoo Leipzig

    Zoo of the future, protecting species and natural habitats
    With its innovative concept "Zoo of the Future", Zoo Leipzig combines ecological and sustainable principles with sophisticated animal husbandry as appropriate to each species, active protection of animal species and of nature, a commitment to education and science and a strong sense of responsibility towards its visitors. Zoo Leipzig is home to some 850 species that are kept in spacious areas that simulate their original habitats, with natural enclosures that are protected by configurations of trees and generous water courses. And Zoo Leipzig has adopted a pioneering stance in the conservation of species, too: it is involved in some 60 international breeding programmes and in numerous projects to reintroduce animals into the wild.

    Experience exotic worlds and research projects at first hand
    Visitors are taken on an expedition into the worlds of flora and fauna in Asia, Africa and South America. A particular attraction is the rainforest biotope Gondwanaland, housed in one of Europe's largest tropical enclosures. Some 90 exotic animal species and 500 species of tree can be seen here in a near-natural environment. The Pongoland Primate Research Project is unique in the world and highly regarded. In the extensive primate enclosure, the Max-Plank Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology is researching the development of cognitive and social abilities.

    Additional potential for conferences and congresses
    The varied thematic scenarios at Zoo Leipzig, its commitment to sustainability and ecological principles and the proximity to the world of science and research are ideal conditions for bringing thematically related congresses and conferences to the KONGRESSHALLE. Tours, guided visits and boat trips are just as effective at enriching the social programme as are atmospheric evening events held in an exotic area of the zoo.

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    Zoo Leipzig Event Team
    Phone: +49 341 5933-377

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