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    The Architecture of the KONGRESSHALLE

    A place where people come together
    Since its opening in 1900, the splendid building, which dates back to the Gründerzeit period in the second half of the 19th century (sometimes called the period of Promoterism) has known a chequered history. The façade, restored to its original design, is now a tangible reminder of the time when the exclusive "Assembly House and Social Centre by the Zoo" ("Gesellschaftshaus am Zoo") was first created. It is a building that has played an important role in the cultural life of the City of Leipzig from the very beginning. At that time, buildings were constructed in the grand manner - to which the high vaulted ceiling of the Großer Saal still bears witness even today.

    A building in a state of constant change
    Ever since it was built, the KONGRESSHALLE has been the subject of continual restructuring and extension - some of it radical. For much of the time, it was the art nouveau and art deco features that dominated the building's image: the ceiling in the foyer, for instance, was considered as one of the most important examples of art deco in Leipzig. In 1946 the building, which had survived the war with little damage, was modified and became the "Kongreßhalle Leipzig". The then opulently decorated “Pfauensaal” was transformed into the neo-baroque Bach-Saal and new rooms were added. The Großer Saal, too, underwent the numerous changes that were required by the various uses to which it was put. Right up until the late 1980s, the venue was the cultural heart of the city. Thereafter, because of a lack of funds, it fell into significant disrepair. In 2009, the City of Leipzig took the decision to reinvent the building as a modern congress centre. The extensive building works began in August 2010, in accordance with plans drawn up by architects HPP - Hentrich-Petschnigg and Partners. All works were completed in early 2016. Since then, the KONGRESSHALLE is being used as a venue for meetings, congresses and events.

    History meets the present
    Walking into the KONGRESSHALLE today, you immediately feel the special atmosphere that the building exudes, where old and new architectural elements meld to form an exciting whole full of creative tensions. Many of the art nouveau and art deco details have been lovingly revealed and restored. Combining both those features that have been reconstructed to the original design and the clean lines of modern purism, the contemporary mix of varying styles means that each room has acquired its own individual character.

    You will find details of the rooms available on the Rooms and Equipment page.

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